Saturday, March 17, 2012

Elise's Journal

March 17, 2012

We have been blessed with an amazingly warm winter. All through January and February I kept waiting for winter to “kick in” and it never really did. Most days were at least 40 and we have had very little snow. Now that it's March, the skies are blue, the temps are in the 60s-70s and the grass is turning green! It's been awesome (though I wonder what this means our summer will be like?). You like being outside – particularly swinging at the park. You also like riding in the stroller. Anytime I turn you loose on the grass or patio , though, I like to stick a pacifier in your mouth. Otherwise EVERYTHING else goes in your mouth. Sticks, rocks, bugs, paper, ANYTHING.

You are crawling as of about a month ago. It is a funny crawl, though. Instead of both of your knees down, you use one knee and one foot. It looks awkward, but you've gotten pretty fast! You also pull yourself up just about anywhere and cruise around – sometimes you've let go, but only for a second.

You have several words now, “uh oh” is actually probably the clearest. You also say “duck” for “yuck” and “mama”, “dada”, “hi”, “bye” and “boo”. I think you've been attempting your siblings' names but they still come out pretty garbled!

Now you drink formula from a sippy cup. You won't nurse anymore. I think it's because you prefer to suck on your pacifier. You eat all sorts of things, from cut up PB sandwiches to yogurt to eggs to beans and rice or peas. Fruit is not your favorite which is odd to me. You love feeding yourself and probably have the strongest preference for bread products (pancakes!) and meatballs.

It is darling to watch you play. You'll crawl to the bookshelf, pull down some baby books, then just sit and look through them for a while. You LOVE baby dolls, or any toy with a face, and you'll hold them to your shoulder and rock like you're snuggling them. You also love putting things in and out of containers. One of my favorite things to do with you is dance. While Daddy's playing piano or I have the radio on, I'll sweep you up, snuggle you in to my shoulder and sway. You love it – such a big smile and so cuddly.

The big kids are doing swimming lessons, which means you go to the nursery at the Y while I work out. It's not your favorite thing to do, but you don't cry much anymore (the first two times were rough). In contrast, you LOVE going to Bible study! When we get there, you kick your legs in excitement and you are actually glad for me to drop you off with your teachers. You also do well for Grammie, Daddy and various babysitters. I'm glad you are so friendly, but I still feel good that I am preferred! I love to come pick you up and watch your eyes light up and your face split with a smile.

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