Monday, January 19, 2009

The sales and me

Does it sound weird for me to say that it often seems that the sales in the grocery ads were custom-picked for me? Since I've been more careful about spending our grocery money (cutting our weekly bill by 40% since last year), I've been more aware of God's provision.

The cereal shelves were running low. I prayed about it and the next week there were killer cereal deals at three stores. We have over twenty boxes now, all bought at under $1 (name-brand).

I ran out of frozen vegetables last week, opened yesterday's ad, and there they were, advertised at rock bottom price.

I've been wanting to try Ragu pasta sauce since it has fewer artificial ingredients, but it's normally over three dollars a jar (usually I spend a dollar for Hunt's brand). I got some Ragu at K-Mart on Saturday for a dollar a jar, and they're on sale at Walgreens this week as well: eight for $6.

See what I mean? I feel loved and cared for by my heavenly Father.

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Candace said...

I often feel the same way. Some how I always manage to stay in my budget and have yummy healthy hot meals for my family!

Wani said...

How great to see Him at work! What a blessing!!

Mom2fur said...

It really is an amazing blessing how things you need just happen to be there for you, isn't it? (BTW, I read somewhere you can actually keep cereal for a year. I assume that's if you don't open it.)
I never knew Ragu had fewer artificial ingredients. I'm glad to hear that, because it's my jar sauce of choice. (Homemade sauce is something my husband makes on Sunday that takes five hours...everyday meals get the jar, LOL!)
I don't think you're weird to think sales are custom-picked for you. What I think is really happening is that God blessed you with a smart brain, and now you are using that blessing to find the best ways to provide for your family!

Emily said... (I think that's it) has some great tips for grocery shopping, some of which you already do, like stocking up when on sale, use coupons, etc.

With buy one, get on e free sales and coupons, I fed my family a yummy dinner for $2...that 50 cents/person. It doesn't get much better than that!