Wednesday, November 12, 2008


We had our first blizzard last week, so I'm glad I was ready to start preschool in earnest. I decided that each day after "jobs" (around 9:30am) we'd sit down for around forty-five minutes of deliberate learning. So far our plan has gone like this:

Monday: Math (manipulatives mostly - balancing, counting, adding, shapes, Tangrams)
Tuesday: Slow and Steady activity (from the book Slow and Steady, Get Me Ready)
Wednesday: Science (last week we covered water, next it is air - simple experiments)
Thursday: Library day (pick at least one book each week from my list of excellent kids books)
Friday: Art (project from the book 1-2-3 Art)

After we finish our activity, we sit on the couch together and read one poem from a children's anthology and a section of our children's story Bible. Then the kids each pick one other book to read. When that's done, I give Isaac the option to work on letter recognition in Alpha-Phonics and he's wanted to do it every day so far! (I'm just paranoid about pushing him on this and making him not WANT to read.)

In addition, I play a classical music cd each day while they eat snack after naps and we talk about the composer (Vivaldi this month). The only thing I haven't worked in that I need to is Scripture memory.

This morning we restructured a bit to go for a walk since it was the first beautiful day in a while. I told Isaac we'd do preschool after naps and he was actually upset about that! I'm glad to see it's been a hit and both kids are loving to learn. It definitely Works for Me!


steph said...

Have you visited this blog?
She has lots of great ideas for preschool-aged kids, most from the Montessori school.

bonavita said...

It sounds like you have terrific plans for preschool!

A blizzard. . .we just received our first mild snow fall yesterday. I love the winter.

beth said...

I began homeschooling my kindergartener this year and have just recently began documenting some of the things we do on my on blog, (I have two younger children under 3 also!) I hope it might be a help to you!

Leanne said...

This is a great idea, I'll have to sit down and write out a plan for what will be done on each day and stick to it. Thanks for this, I'm trying to get my little one ready to start school in September.

Dayfamilyof4 said...

Neat schedule, I have the "Slow and Steady" book too, I need to grab it and see what kinds of fun I'm missing.

It Feels Like Chaos said...

Thanks for sharing! I love seeing other people's schedules. I need all the help I can get to organize my time and my children's time!