Thursday, September 11, 2008


Thursdays are a little different than the other days of the week. Instead of our predictable morning routine (breakfast, dressed, Bible story, chores) we rush a little bit to get out the door by 9am. We're always fed and dressed but sometimes the breakfast dishes are still in the sink, and I certainly have no grand illusions about getting some big project done.

At 9:00 we head to the library to pick out books before the 9:30 story-time. The kids really enjoy going and it is good practice for them to sit still and focus while the librarian reads. After we arrive home around 10:30, two of my nephews come to spend a couple of hours with us. This is one of the highlights of Isaac's week, and he is always so sad if they can't come. Four kids four years old and younger makes for an exciting morning, and generally everyone plays very well together. I feed the kids lunch before the boys leave, then my kids go down for their naps.

Thursdays are another "project" day for me during nap-time. I work on anything from sewing to phone calls to lesson planning. Usually I give myself the first portion of that time as a little break - I catch up on email, read my favorite blogs, and post on my blog! Then it's on to whatever project on the to-do list manages to call my name the loudest.

After naps we usually play outside or go for a walk until it's time to prepare supper. Keith is always home at suppertime and then it's generally his call on how to spend the evening - yard work, family bike ride, playing quietly at home or whatever else sounds good!

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ames said...

That sounds like a perfectly lovely day!

Martie said...

You sound like a wonderful mom (and aunt!), and sooo organized, too!

mom to 9

Totallyscrappy said...

Little things to look forward to (cousins coming over, a trip to the library, etc.) are the small treats in life!