Monday, August 18, 2008

What does YOUR Monday look like?

I've always been an adherent to the old-fashioned line of thought:
  • "Wash on Monday
  • Iron on Tuesday
  • Mend on Wednesday
  • Churn on Thursday
  • Clean on Friday
  • Bake on Saturday
  • Rest on Sunday"

I don't have enough ironing or mending to specify a "day" for those activities to get accomplished, nor do I churn my own butter. Nevertheless, each day of the week has specific activities that occur on that day each week.

Monday is laundry day. The kids' big chore for the day is helping me to gather the dirty laundry from the four corners of the house and sort it into loads. I then try to stick close enough to home that I will be able to switch the loads at the proper time and not have clean laundry sitting in the dryer getting wrinkled. Each load generally gets folded right after I take it out of the dryer. By the end of the day, it's all done!

I know a lot of people prefer to do a load a day just to stay on top of things, but I find that I am very motivated by "crossing something off of my list." I really like to finish the laundry and have it DONE for the week. As our family grows, we may have to switch to two laundry days per week to keep up with the dirty clothes.

My other task for Mondays is to look through the sale ads from the Sunday paper, clip coupons, make a grocery list, and prepare a menu plan for the week. I usually accomplish this during the kids' naps. I actually have a lot of fun looking for the best deals of the week!

Other than preparing three nutritious meals, keeping the house generally picked up, and playing with my kids, that is all I usually accomplish on Mondays! By assigning tasks to each day of the week, I find that I rarely get overwhelmed.

Do you have a similar plan? What do you do on Mondays? Check out more great ideas at Rocks in My Dryer!

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Laura said...

I wish I could do laundry just one day a week! But our family is too big and too busy for that. I usually do at least twp loads a day to just keep my head above water!