Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Tuesday at our house is the busiest day of the week. It works out well that way, though - did you know that most people are most productive on Tuesdays? Something to do with not being too close to the weekend . . .

On Tuesday mornings the kids' big chore is to help me clean the basement of our house. This takes all of about twenty minutes: I sweep the laundry room, they dust their bedrooms and they "help" me do the vacuuming. They each have their own little spray bottle filled with Basic H non-toxic cleaning solution, so I can let them clean away without worrying about safety.

When everyone is dressed and fed and chores and Bible time are done, we head out to do grocery shopping. I usually go to two stores, but we are blessed to have them all within two minutes of our home, so grocery shopping is usually totally done in about an hour. The kids get to split a bagel for a snack while they ride in the "truck" cart, so shopping is kind of a special treat for them and it usually goes well.

After we put all of the groceries away, it's usually about lunchtime. Today we played Candyland after lunch and before naps. During the kids' naps, I clean the main level of our home. I dust the furniture, sweep and mop the kitchen/dining room floors, scrub the bathroom, clean the cat hair off of the upholstery, and dust mop the hard wood. This is a basic level of cleaning that I can complete in about an hour and a half. It's not a deep clean, but it keeps me happy in my home without being burdensome to complete.

I know of many people who like a weekly cleaning schedule, preferring to do different cleaning jobs on different days of the week. I tried that for a while but found that I am much more motivated by the thought of being DONE cleaning for the week. (I do often sweep the floor and do a quick bathroom wipe-down on Fridays). Other cleaning jobs, such as washing windows or wiping down the cabinets, get completed on an as-needed basis. (Read: it has to get really bad before I get around to it.)

Also on Tuesdays we host a supper meal and Bible study in our home. Thankfully, we rotate meal responsibilities, so usually I only need to prepare a side dish or dessert. Our time of fellowship with other Christian couples is usually a blessing, but it makes for a very full Tuesday! Stay tuned for laid-back Wednesdays.

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Laura said...

I do agree. I like my house clean all at the same time. We do the floors several times a week because we live in the country. And we keep the front bathroom wiped down and picked up everyday. But as for the cleaning everything - we all pitch in one day a week and get it done! Same goes for the yard work.