Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Greatest Tip of All Time!

Okay, so maybe there are other, better tips. But this is about as good as I can come up with. Oh wait, I didn't even come up with this one. My TWO-YEAR-OLD son did!

We have twin bed that was used in the guest room at our house in Iowa. Now that we moved, we don't have anywhere to set it up, so the pieces are in storage and the mattress was leaning up against a wall. One day my son took it upon himself to knock the mattress flat on the floor. He then figured out that it was a fun idea to bounce on the mattress.

And I realized that I had a nice, safe indoor trampoline on my hands

That mattress is just about the best "toy" we own and it is indispensable in the long winter months. In our current house I have it covered with a cute sheet that matches the playroom color scheme. I also have two pillows we keep on it so that when the mattress is not in use as a trampoline, it becomes our reading corner.

And THAT has REALLY worked for me! Remember to check out more ideas at


Tara said...

I have a rule at my house. You can't jump on the couch. But, with permission, you can take the cushion off and jump on it on the floor. (We have one big couch cushion instead of several smaller ones.) Works for me!

mom2kchmw said...

We don't jump on couches either, but the bed thing, we do. I have three beds that are not in use. Right now they have a "tent" as they are all leaning up against the wall.

Elizabeth said...

i love this tip! i think i might use it myself! thank you!