Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Salads for Lunch!

I don't know about you, but I get kind of tired of PB&J, mac & cheese, and yogurt for lunch. Sometimes we have leftovers, but I tend to send those with Keith for his lunch. A few months ago I realized that I was always dreading lunchtime because, while my kids are easy to please, I'm not!

So I've taken to eating a lot of salads at lunch. I could have done this before, but I never had any chicken on hand to top the salad. And a salad just isn't a MEAL unless it has some chicken on top. Now I've started buying pounds and pounds of chicken breast when it goes on sale. When I get it home, I immediately cut it up (using my kitchen scissors!) and cook it all at once. Then I fill quart-sized freezer bags with the bite-sized chicken.

Now I just keep one bag of chicken breast in my fridge at a time. Each bag has about enough chicken for a week's worth of salads, and this way I can throw together a salad (bagged lettuce, chicken, shredded cheese and dressing) in just a couple of minutes. Which is really all the time I have when there are hungry toddlers underfoot.

I also find myself using the pre-cut-and-cooked chicken for supper meals that require bite-sized chicken pieces. It has really simplified my meal prep - and it works for me!


Michele said...

Great idea! :) I usually end up being the "leftover consumer" in my house, and a salad sounds wonderful.
Michele :)

Annikke said...

That is a great idea!!!

Beautiful Stranger said...

Definitely a great idea! I always love chicken in my salad but never want to waste a whole one just for that... great tip, thanks! :)

Heart of Wisdom said...

Great idea. Had one for dinner last night..chicken was spiced with fajita spices.
Thanks for sharing

Niki said...

Great idea!

I do the same with taco meat and add it to lettuce with some salsa, shredded cheese, and sour cream if we have it....yum!

Way better than eating funky leftovers from the depths of your fridge!


A Little About Me said...

What a great tip! I find I am the one who brings up eating out because I get tired of the normal home made lunch fare. I have friends who cook a full dinner style meal, but that is just too much for our schedule. This tip will save me money, and have me eating healthier. I think the kids would even eat this a few times a week


Stephanie B said...

While reading this article, you reminded me that I had about 18lbs of fresh chicken that needed to be bagged for the freezer. I buy fresh breasts and tenderloins from Sams and freeze two breasts together plain or in seasonings, and then 6-8 tenderloins the same way, and I buy an extra thing of breasts to cook up and cut into chunks like you do... it's a lot cheaper in both aspects. the canned chunked chicken is more expencive, and the stuff they use to freeze the chickens (to make them stay seperate in the bags) has gluten in it (among other things I'm sure :o).

Praise God for the brains He gives us, and that we actually USE!! :o)